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Voice Cabling - The Key to effective communication

Connectivity is the buzz word going on these days. Individuals, business, organizations and even governments are focusing more and more on how to stay connected to the world at all times. The need for communication is different at all levels. However, at the same time it is necessary it is equally essential for one and all these days. Although advancement in technology and the advent of wireless communication has enabled people to stay connected, it is still not applicable on an organizational and government level and therefore voice cabling still continues to dominate at the most preferred form of communication. 

Voice cabling is the process of enabling the use of communication system such as telephones, modems, fixed and analogue lines, in homes as well as organization. Voice cables are generally made up of copper wire or optical fibres and they enable the transfer of data in the form of voice or video over long distances. The data transfer rate through voice cable is very fast, almost equivalent to the speed of light; therefore it enables the transference of a large amount of data in a very short period of time. Speaking specifically about voice data cabling, this system uses telephone jack along with voice grade cables to connect home telephone and fixed lines to the local communication network.

Voice cabling depends upon the need of the individual or organization. Generally, home telephones do not require a complex and complicated system of voice cabling as they commonly have single or double telephones lines which are connected to the local communication system. However, a business has more needs as it has to remain connected to the outside world and therefore it needs a communication system that is tailored made to its needs. In some cases, a small business may require a more complex voice-cabling network as its entire operations may be based on telecommunications along. 

For larger organization, it is necessary to communicate with its customers, suppliers and other related parties at all times. A well organized communication system can ensure that the company is able to perform efficiently and effectively. A well managed and adequate system depends on the voice cabling of the system as it not only helps the customers stay in contact with the organization but it also helps the organization stay connected internally as well as with its customers and other parties.

The need for a good communication system becomes more important in organizations because they cannot afford to let too many outside parties remain on hold for long periods of time and they can also not let too many messages go to voice mail. This not only gives a bad impression of the company but it also results in the company not being able to stay up to date with the flow of information.

To put the entire treatise in a nutshell, a good communication system is the need of the modern day, be in an individual, company or even a country. The importance of fast and instant communication cannot undermine at any level and for efficient, reliable and fast communication networks, the first step is voice cabling.

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