Residential CCTV


Home CCTV security method can enable the owner to have an easy and safe security system. The problem with CCTV is that however, there are a number of them to choose, from the Do-it-Yourself home surveillance kits to an array of professional security firms offering the same product; as a result, it is very difficult for the consumer to pick the best possible solution.  However, the system we offer is different from the market. We do not tell you what we are selling, we ask you what you want to buy and at what price do you want to buy.  We can even arrange for financing of the equipment should there arise a need. Also we can supply you with all the material you need or we can install the system ourselves. Everything will be done as per your choice and convenience.


CCTC monitoring has become incredibly easy with the creation of the DVR system. What is does is, it eliminates the need to change video tapes everyday and it stores videos and images directly on to a CD or hard drive. The benefits of this feature is that not only are the images of better quality but it makes it easy for footage to be reviewed directly on the personal computer. Also with the DVR system, one can easily access the view of the property from anywhere in the world, by a simple internet or broadband connection. So people do not have to worry about the safety of their property, no matter where they are in the world.

If you looking for a quotation for a residential CCTV insatllation, contact us and we will arrange a site visit.

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